42 days of Bootstrapping.

42 days of Bootstrapping.

Six full weeks of daily blogging about how I am bootstrapping my business. – Starting now.

Along came an idea. I think that it might be interesting to create content that I would personally like to see and so I have a plan to do just that.

Right or wrong, good or bad. This is an experiment, an exercise, and a test.

I will take you with me, to the best of my ability on my journey to get things going here. Its all relative to the topic of creating content and doing it consistently. More than that, I hope it will tell the story about the beginnings of creating this adventure that I have been anxious to get started on for several years now.

Some of these posts will be quick updates and there will probably be some long form articles written as well.

A very abbreviated history

This website, flying-higher.com has existed for about a year and a half now. I just didn’t have a well-formed idea of the type of media business I wanted to build. There was clearly something there, waiting to be built, but I wasn’t seeing the full picture.

My plan had been to get with it last spring and everything sputtered out when horse shoeing season kicked in and I didn’t follow through at all. I wanted to be a lot further along right now, but instead, I’m making up lost ground.

Interestingly, from the way I see things now compared to last year, I think I would have been making some pretty big mistakes and leaving a lot on the table. I have had the whole summer and fall to put a lot of thought and learning into what I am now trying to build. I am really excited about how things are coming together now. It all makes sense and flows well. I think I can help a lot of people in an interesting way – that is a huge part of a good business, but not all.

And now…

Throughout this past November and December, things started to really take shape in terms of how I am planning on building my new media business. With my background in creating a wide variety on content (though in low volume) and also a good foundation in web design and building servers, I thought I should add some marketing skills and then we have a really well-rounded multimedia production and marketing business.

I started working with a “vengeance” right about the first of the year. That is a pretty convenient time to start. It makes keeping an eye on progress easy.

With this skill set, I can help businesses and organizations customize the creation and marketing of their content and get more business. It is the kind of stuff I have been loosely studying for years and interested in my whole life. Now it is simply time to organize and do it.

See you tomorrow for day 2 of 42!

Oh yeah, I bought a new drone this week. More about that soon.

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