All these WordPress changes have me slightly stumped.

I sure am having a harder time than I expected keeping up with the Gutenberg editor. I think I made far nicer sites when I had to code them mostly by hand. Heck, back in the day, I had to code most of the CSS by hand even when using WordPress. 

The biggest problem I’m having with the new editor is that the formatting isn’t carrying across the preview and saves. In other words, when I save my edits, they are no where near the same on the live page. At this point, it is just plain ugly and horribly unprofessional looking. This is especially concerning when I have clients looking at my site and see it as an example of what kind of design skills to expect on their content if they were interested in hiring me.

As with any other problem, it isn’t anything that I can’t fix with an all-nighter or two of searching and fixing. 

I was using the Elementor page builder for a while, but my concern with that is of longevity. I’m sure it will be around for a while and it does continue to grow and get better, but more parties to rely on is just not the kind of life I like to live. I have been let down enough that I keep to a minimum of non Open Source products in my work flow. 

It is safer for me and it is therefore also safer for my clients. In a worst case scenario, if an Open Source product goes dark or something, I just have to find a substitute and convert to that or just pay a developer to bail me out. That may seem like a wretched situation, but it is a whole lot better than being left with zero options like proprietary vendors usually leave you with.

Now back to working on my home page.

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