Day 13 of 42 days of bootstrapping

Real estate aerial

The theme of the day today is REDO. Back to the place I already shot this week for a redo. The realtor called today wondering if I could get some more of the kitchen. Initially she thought I didn’t have an exterior establishing shot and then called to say she found those and that’s when … Read moreDay 13 of 42 days of bootstrapping

Day 12 of 42 days of bootstrapping.

Real estate photography

Ugh, this is annoying… I can’t use backspace or it will delete an entire line. There is a workaround. Pressing the arrow key and shift will select the text, which I can then edit. I seems to only be happening in WordPress. I’m guessing it got an update today because this wasn’t a problem yesterday … Read moreDay 12 of 42 days of bootstrapping.

Day 9 of 42 days of bootstrapping

It’s Sunday. A bit of a lazy day. I’ve been continuing to work with RawTherapee and Gimp to color correct and blend the DNG files from the Autel Evo drone. It’s coming along fine. The process is easy and powerful enough to get the results I want to hand my clients. Bootstrapping is working I … Read moreDay 9 of 42 days of bootstrapping

Day 7 of 42 days of bootstrapping

Real estate shoot scheduled for next Tuesday. It has been hard to even get realtors to take the special deal I am offering. I’ll admit that my marketing has been rather hit or miss. Today I scheduled a photo and video shoot for a property next Tuesday. That’s one! I have had the plan of … Read moreDay 7 of 42 days of bootstrapping

Day 6 of 42 days of bootstrapping

Google My Business This morning I looked into and signed up for Google My Business. I knew about it already but didn’t look into it any further because I am not a geographically based business. However, a couple of days ago, I nominated my business for review on is a digital marketer curation…

NextCloud: Own your data with collaboration and team tools.

What is NextCloud? NextCloud is open source file sharing and collaboration suite specially developed to put you in control of your data. It is the hot sauce behind Flying-Higher’s client collaboration. What can NextCloud do for me? Features Security is fundamental to the NextCloud philosophy. The feature set in this open source software is extensive.…

Day 5 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping

Another frick’n 503 while I was working this morning. A 503 error is when the server is either overloaded or is down for maintenance. Either way, the page is unavailable at that time. What I find interesting is that this was a consistent hassle I dealt with back when I used IXwebhosting before they sold … Read moreDay 5 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping