Day 4 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping

Theme change. The theme I was using until this morning was excellent for most things, but not altogether readable. I was letting the aesthetics of certain aspects override the reasoning of a more readable theme. Block Lite (former theme as of an hour or so ago) is a really good theme for working with Gutenberg’s … Read moreDay 4 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping

Day 3 of 42 of Bootstrapping

I was wrong yesterday Well, first thing – I have to say that I found out why my bounce rate was so low. I had two plugins registered with Google Analytics. That caused my bounce rate to show as zero for a few days. Whoops. It happened because I was having trouble uploading a graphic … Read moreDay 3 of 42 of Bootstrapping

Creating Educational Content – Comparing Platforms

One of the most useful things a brand could do is teach. There are so many benefits. It is huge for SEO as you will be seen as an authority with a possible, if not probable, huge lead on backlinks and outreach opportunities. It’s not easy though. It takes a pretty big commitment to create … Read moreCreating Educational Content – Comparing Platforms

Day 2 of 42 Days of Bootstraping.

Google analytics

The focus today was finishing the SEO article. It took a couple of days, but I finished it this morning. The larger goal is finishing the content for the front page navigation and tuning the overall site navigation. Its a sizable project. Something to work on As I look over the articles I have written … Read moreDay 2 of 42 Days of Bootstraping.