Day 12 of 42 days of bootstrapping.

Day 12 of 42 days of bootstrapping.

Ugh, this is annoying… I can’t use backspace or it will delete an entire line.

There is a workaround. Pressing the arrow key and shift will select the text, which I can then edit. I seems to only be happening in WordPress. I’m guessing it got an update today because this wasn’t a problem yesterday and I have been editing photos and stuff all day today without a problem.

Man, I sure to need to get better at typing. This is super annoying.

About the property I shot yesterday

All right, one moment WordPress… This isn’t right at all. It looks like a bunch of stuff has changed concerning these blocks and it is not going well for me. Buggy as hell. I have never had this much problem. Ok, lets try some more, but dang.

Let me just say that I am not as pleased with things in one sense as I have been. But of course on the other hand that things went far better than ever. This is the kind of mixed bag that is sometimes a problem with noobs like me. I fully believe I am highly “educated” in the industry, but I do certainly lack the experience and real skills.

One of my favorite farrier mentors told me that skill is speed plus accuracy. That makes sense to me and I am someone who would claim to have studied the ability to study and practice. Its a requirement in about any craft, but I have always felt close to the principle in the world of farriery.

My point is –

I have to think about every little step in the production of these real estate pictures. Lots of practice is required to really sail through and yesterday was anything but sailing. The end results are fair.

Fair is far from the goal though.

Excellence is the goal. Although I feel I have a real leg up because I spent so much time and actual money to learn this stuff, there is a long row to hoe ahead of me.

Editing and Fx

Motion graphics

Color grading/ correction



Videography and Photography

Real estate, boats, vehicles




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