Day 13 of 42 days of bootstrapping

Day 13 of 42 days of bootstrapping

The theme of the day today is REDO.

Back to the place I already shot this week for a redo.

The realtor called today wondering if I could get some more of the kitchen. Initially she thought I didn’t have an exterior establishing shot and then called to say she found those and that’s when our conversation went to what was missing. The retakes are definitely better.

One of the things I continue to need to improve is the kitchen. I don’t know if its a guy thing and I just want to to the garage and the master bath, but I better get over it and now.

I have to admit that I really struggled with this property. My shots were rather inconsistent and the lighting inside had me working to compensate way more than I should have when I just need some lights. So, lights are on order.

A shot of the kitchen. Real estate photography.

Editing is the crux.

But I love it. I really do. There are certainly ways to increase speed and skill. At some point, when I have plenty of work, I will pay to have the majority of the editing done and I will focus on just the custom stuff. This one little job has cost me more than 12 hours already. For $250.00, that isn’t really worth it and no one is going to pay more for what I just did. My goal is to market for the big properties and the luxurious ones and even those aren’t going to pay more for what I produced for this job.

The onus is on me. I have the tools and most of the knowledge. Now its time to put them in order such that things are far more efficient. As I always say, “Skill is speed plus accuracy”. Obviously, I stole that, but I certainly try to live by it. My intention is always to break things down to components that I can hone and drill.

The most complicated and amazing feats are always just a bunch of well-honed basics. Always.

Stained glass in the master bath. Real estate photography in Oregonia, Ohio.

Now I’ll try to get the project page done for this project.

Editing and Fx

Motion graphics

Color grading/ correction



Videography and Photography

Real estate, boats, vehicles




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