Day 3 of 42 of Bootstrapping

Day 3 of 42 of Bootstrapping

I was wrong yesterday

Well, first thing – I have to say that I found out why my bounce rate was so low. I had two plugins registered with Google Analytics. That caused my bounce rate to show as zero for a few days.


It happened because I was having trouble uploading a graphic to the media library. I thought it might be another plugin causing problems, so I disabled all the plugins to see if that helped. When I re-enabled the plugins, I turned on an old one that I should have deleted. It is deleted now.

Anyway. I guess we’ll see how that affects my bounce rate going forward.

By mid morning, I’m seeing that the bounce rate is changing, so it seems that configuration is likely correct.

Starting the Education section

With this Cincinnasti weather, I expect lots of time working on web projects today.

I’m going to start with comparing platforms. I have a client that I am in discussions with right now that is at this stage now.

The next article (in this series) will continue on structuring the course ware. I look forward to that because I have some good material on autodidacts and how the philosophy should be applied to online training programs.

Client courses

I have been planning on a few client focused course since the beginning. There are a few base concepts that would be good to set a common foundation of understanding so we can work more effectively together.

These will likely be free courses for clients so we can be more productive together. I’m excited about this feature, but it won’t likely come to fruition for a while.

The annoying 503 error in the morning while trying to work on my site.

In a nutshell, the 503 error means that the server is too busy.

I have had this problem with other hosts and decided to move from them. I despise the idea of having to do that again. The hosting provider, Hostinger recommends an upgrade to CloudHosting. I’m considering it as it isn’t really a big financial hit and the benefits are pretty sizable.

Well, that sums up today.

I’m not sure which category I am going to tackle next. They are all interesting to me. I guess I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Editing and Fx

Motion graphics

Color grading/ correction



Videography and Photography

Real estate, boats, vehicles




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