Day 4 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping

Day 4 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping

Theme change.

The theme I was using until this morning was excellent for most things, but not altogether readable. I was letting the aesthetics of certain aspects override the reasoning of a more readable theme.

Block Lite (former theme as of an hour or so ago) is a really good theme for working with Gutenberg’s block editor, but stuff like menus and a couple of other elements were getting lost in the styling. That’s just not acceptable. Now I have gone back to my favorite: GeneratePress

The biggest problem I have right now is server speed, which of course affects my loading speed and GeneratePress is among the fastest (lightest) themes out there. The layout, in terms of readability, is among the best also (in my opinion). It looks really good, but it isn’t as flashy as some others. So, I’ll stick with this for a while, until I get a chance to get deep into building something custom later. Right now I just need a fast and clean theme so I can continue to build content.

NextCloud server hardware needs repair

The fans are dying. The chassis for this thing is pre-historic and the fans are as old as the chassis is, so its more than time for new ones. This server is definitely an important piece of equipment to share files and work with clients. With this problem at hand, maybe that is the next main article for me. I love talking about NextCloud. I think it is something that every household and business needs.

Re-writing the Web Design and Promotion page

It was some poor copy, and not structured very well at all. I have been learning a ton about writing copy and SEO lately, so looking back at the stuff I wrote even a few weeks ago, I see it as all wrong.

Posting schedule

I’m going to try posting the daily blog in the evening as the last thing I do and the other content in the mornings. This will separate the content a little better. For the last few days, I was posting them one after the other in the evening. This way the real value content will be posted early in the day and will likely get a boost as people will see it throughout the day.

I got some more Web Design work today, so that’s cool.

See you tomorrow for day 5 of 42 days of bootstrapping.

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