Day 5 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping

Day 5 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping

Another frick’n 503 while I was working this morning.

A 503 error is when the server is either overloaded or is down for maintenance. Either way, the page is unavailable at that time.

What I find interesting is that this was a consistent hassle I dealt with back when I used IXwebhosting before they sold my account to sucky provider. I wonder why it happens like that with multiple hosts. This early morning, 4-6am is a big time for me to get stuff done and when my site is unavailable during some of that time… changes need to be made.

On that tune, to be clear, I intentionally started with shared hosting, which is the lower tier hosting. That is still well-regarded as quite sufficient for a site with my traffic and stuff. We’ll see.

The challenge for the day…

Find a way to build and manage accounts for clients… In the past, I have set up and managed the hosting entirely on my own, or if the client has hosting, I have to figure out who to contact for credential (they often don’t know).

I want to find a way to set up the hosting so that they can have control, while I do all the setup for them. I would like to just send them a link to put their payment method in and then another for their access to control the account. So, today I have been looking around for ready made options or easy ways to do that with normal hosting accounts.

They need hosting, analytics, social and other stuff. I want them to be in control of the accounts while I do the technical and other work for/ with them.

Two new clients today

That’s quite a bit to get on-boarded in one day. Having all the systems and templates in place made for a very smooth and thorough, albeit long start. More on that later.

Long day ends in a short post.

See you tomorrow for day 6 of 42 days of Bootstrapping.

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