How to Create a Commercial

There is nothing easy about creating commercials, but there is a clear formula.

Your story is important to you and there are plenty of people out there that want to hear it too. If you follow a well defined plan, you can find your audience, meet them where they are and give them what they want. You can do all of these things and even show them why you are the clear choice.

Emotions are the driving force behind most action. Learning how your audience feels about the problem you can solve for them is the most powerful asset you might obtain. Can you display those emotions and how they play out as you provide solutions to them.

Overcoming the audience’s fears is the grease in the cog. Once you can assure them that you will provide a service that succeeds where others fail, you will be pointed at the top of your market.

Consistency will bring you there. (See bottom of page)

Success depends completely on correctly defining and delivering fully on these elements.

  • Audience: The audience is often not what people originally think of. Figure out who really wants your offer. That isn’t easy, but it is the easiest part. You then you have to drive those people to your video. It takes a lot of effort to find your audience and then consistently promote your commercial so it gets the right attention from the right people.
  • Purpose: What are you trying to accomplish with this commercial? Are you trying to get new clients, show your superior services, become better known, save your clients time, money or headaches? Decide on a goal and keep it simple.
  • Message: A simple, single concept that you want viewers to remember ie – Your business has the best service. Your business services a certain thing. Your business is trustworthy.

It is very important to keep your message to ONE message. You have spent all this time and money on getting this far. Make sure they viewers know what you are saying.

  • Call to action: This is where you get them into your sales funnel. Tell them to call, or go to your website or message you. Whatever it is you want them to do, make sure it is simple and reliable for you and your clients.

You have well laid out plans, now just make the video.




Simple, right?

Clearly not so much, but this is topic for another article. Let’s just look at what to do after the video has it’s first run.

Consistency is the winning sauce. Tune and do again.

  • Listen: Your audience will tell you what they want. Listen to their pain points and yes, “feelings”. Look for ways to make everything more clear and simple for the audience.
  • Serialize: If you want to cover more than one of the above components or any combinations of them, then you need to make more commercials. Try to play one off the other such that there is good cohesion and branding in your message.
  • Iterate: Budgets are not unlimited and a commercial isn’t worth doing if it doesn’t pay for itself. Focus on your analytics and tuning the elements of your commercial. Keep making variations to widen your audience capture. Customize for various platforms and audience segments, as each can be very different.
  • Focus: Always look to narrow each element from your target audience to your purpose, message and call to action. Obviously, there is always room for improvement, so keep focusing on the core elements and you will rise to the top of your market.

There is no easy way. This is hard work and dedication carried out over time with a willingness to accept and adapt to change continuously.

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