First Project

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On a beautiful May day, I loaded up my tripod, camera and trusty old 3DR Solo drone to head down to Lexington, Kentucky for my first real estate photography gig.

This was not the average first gig. This was a million dollar farm in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky’s most famous horse area.

I passed farm after farm in pristine condition and of extraordinary proportions as I made my way to this property.

Arriving at the farm, I was relieved to find the realtor already there.

We had not met yet. I parked and went over to introduce myself and ask her if she had any input or plans on how she would like to proceed. She claimed that this was her first experience with this as well, so I immediately took the lead and went to work.

The realtor and owner were a pleasure to work with. They lead me through the property and cooperated very pleasantly as I worked my way from room to room.

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