Starting regular updates, re-committing to CGCookie (and more).

As a rather long time subscriber to, I feel I have completely underused this valuable resource to further my media production skills. It is pass time to fix this problem, and they are helping me with new offerings that I think will keep me in the game.

I have long believed is that Blender is possibly the most useful media production tool ever created. Combined with modern web apps like WordPress and social media platforms, especially the arrival of blockchain based platforms, we are set to light the world ablaze with new kinds of media and of a quality yet unseen. 

The goal of branding Flying-Higher is that quality content must be consistent and targeted. With that in mind, I am also a bit of an up-start in this industry, though I must say that the industry itself is also a bit of an up-start too. My point here is that I think that showing my story of the process of acquiring the tools and skills to help you create and market your story is likely to be compelling. I know that is what I like to look for. 

So, though I have been far too quiet about my little “adventures”, I won’t be any longer. We’ll see how it goes, but I will be putting out regular behind the scenes of my efforts with the goal of creating a way to help potential clients see how my services are able to help them as well as how my capabilities are growing and kept fresh. 

Back to the CGCookie and Blender stuff. This past week I started my first month long class on their platform. It is a CG Lighting and Shading course that I find particularly applicable to working in video and photography. It appears that CGCookie will be continuing this month per Blender skill set and I intend to keep up with that for the foreseeable future. 

This post is the beginning of keeping a log here for myself and anyone else that might be interested in the process or how these tools and skills might be usefully applied to your media needs.

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