A Passion and a Profession

This platform is the hub of our multibrand content creation strategy, showcasing how we use open-source and decentralized tools to create and manage content for Steelbak.com, FarrierServices.net, and DiggnDeeper.com. Our mission is to inspire others by demonstrating the power of these tools in real-world applications, fostering a community of creators ready to take their content to new heights.

Creator Services

Your Custom Content and Marketing Partner.

We have the tools (so you don’t need to).

Our services target the custom needs of our limited clientèle and focus on the strategy and implementation which includes any of your web presence needs.

We don’t stop learning, implementing, and tuning. I live for this. This is also why we are very limited in clientele and partners.

Specializing in long term relationships and goal oriented projects, we build unique, personal content and marketing solutions.

Creator Tools

DIY Content Creation.

YOU have the tools.

Are you drawn to content creation?

So am I. I am also drawn to as much DIY, community and open source as possible.

We are living in the most transformative time in humanity. With modern hardware, open source and blockchain tech, you already OWN everything you need to create and distribute content to meet your communications, content and marketing goals.

Let’s build a community together and support each other in learning the platforms and skills to take advantage of these paradigm changing options.

You can then take these tools and skills to build anything you want!

Consistent, relevant and well tuned content puts leaders in front of their audience and on top of their market.

Find your audience and meet them where they are with what they value. Do that consistently. That is the formula. I can help you.