A CRM is an important tool in any small business or community because it helps manage the relationships that are so vital to continued growth and better relationships. It allows you to track and manage your interactions with clients and vendors (and prospects) over time.

Build better relationships through timely and relevant engagement

Increase sales by using rich customer profiles. Capture important leads, manage opportunities.


  • A CRM can be a huge long term benefit for growth and better relationships.
  • Open source provides all the benefits of enterprise-class CRM without the restrictions of proprietary licenses.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Complete control.


  • Requires a long term commitment to using the tools consistently on a daily basis to see the benefits.

Mobile Apps

TapCRM mobile app is available as a free version, but of course, if you want all the features, there is a “premium” version.

The call logging may be worth the premium upgrade itself if phone calls are an important method of communications, but there really is a lot more than that available to manage mobile customer relationships.

The mobile app has the potential to increase CRM adoption with your mobile team.