One of my long-time farrier clients has decided to go outside the norm of equestrian business models. Instead of standard horse boarding and training, her attention has shifted to exploring greater opportunities to help build better equestrians for the future and at the same time she wants to increase the sustainability of her business.

This client’s idea was to begin by building an introductory online learning series that will be designed to teach new riders (often very young) how to begin with horses. Together, we are working on creating a series of very short lessons. These lessons will be available through a membership program along with other media to be available for these beginner equestrian members.

As with most actual good ideas, this seems to be a win- win. Beginning equestrians will be able to accelerate their learning and get their hands on the horses more quickly and surely. Our equestrian business client can benefit by creating a product that solves a problem as well as adding the potential for building a scale-able system.

Some of the technical things we are working on:

Which web platform? 

Envision Equine is currently using Wix. I am not really familiar with what Wix is capable of, so the question is: Will that work, or will we need to move to WordPress to develop a membership based paywall for videos and other material?

Whether Wix is capable or not, I am suggesting that the long term benefits of switching to a private host with WordPress installs is going to be a much better SEO payoff if done sooner than later, before traffic starts coming and changes in development on the fly may cause detrimental results.

Continuous building plan.

Early plans are to develop sustainable, continuous educational products for equestrians throughout the spectrum of skill levels. As with most hobby/ lifestyle activities, there really is no end to the amount and type of content that can be produced to help others and therefore create revenue. Details are forming as we continue on our affiliation of creating.

Check out the videos we made so far.

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