A top shelf, rugged, high capacity machine to create and edit content while recording and streaming. Many cores. Big ram and storage. Premium graphics card. Great monitors.

$5,000 price range should do it.

I would like to put it in the garage and be able to pack it up to bring it with me. A good, solid and quiet case is important. I could use a Milwaukee power supply (additional $2k) for mobile operation, or one of our custom inverters. Maybe integrate the two for mobile ops. Build a system for batteries and inverter on one side and an equal size for the other side where the computer can live. Make wood cases on Milwaukee Packout bases and tops to add rollers and a desk top. The desk top can somehow house the two monitors as well as desktop and mouse? Should also

I’ll be working on a build sheet and ideas this week. Link to Nextcloud share.

Case Options:

Fractal Design Node 804 – Best for NAS, but versatile enough for this too.

“i7, 32GB RAM, nVidia p4000, SSD for OS, 650w PSU, Adaptec RAID card, 8x 4TB Disks and 6 fans”

Fractal Design Define 7 XL – Quiet and huge. Heavy. 60lbs?

Graphics Card Options: ~$2k price range.

Quadro RTX or GeForce?

Quadro might initially seem like the best idea for 3D and video rendering, but Blender might actually run better on GeForce. More research required.