June 27, 2018 with Realtor Laurie Marra

This was a fairly tough one as the sky was not very flattering. This was also only the second property I did and my gear collection still had a few holes in it. I don’t think it was too shabby, but I sure have learned a lot since.

Aerial view

Now, I would outline the property and de saturate (remove the colors) the surrounding properties a bit. This was an irregularly shaped property, so it isn’t immediately clear what the lines are.


I had to push the limits here to get the house to stand out from the yard and sky. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t shooting in RAW this time so I was limited to pushing jpgs around. It does the job, but it looks a little off.

Front yard

Its all about the yard/ land for this property. One of the things that is important as a real estate photographer is to sell the advantages of the property.


This is the best shot of the shoot, in my opinion. This was a dark area of the house and the colors were hard to get control of.


This was the toughest shot. It is not as good as I would like, but under the circumstances and without lights, it does the job.

All in all, I think these shots are better than the majority of the pictures I see on the market and like I said before, so much more learning and gear has been acquired since.

Editing and Fx

Motion graphics

Color grading/ correction

3D Modeling


Videography and Photography

Real estate, boats, vehicles




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