The two most powerful marketing and branding tools we have right now are social media and video. Everyone has a social media channel on probably every major platform, but how many are actually using them to any real advantage? The answer is – the leaders.

It is a lot of work. No doubt about that. Plus, the pace of change is huge these days. Content must be created consistently and with intent and targeted to your audience. There should be a spattering of evergreen content with a steady flow of updates. That is a real challenge. There are a lot of moving parts to keep organized. People rarely accomplish this, especially over time. Maybe you need help.

Power Your Brand With Video.

More than a bio video, an agent profile video should define your niche in the market. We all know you are responsive and caring like every other realtor out there, but what is your specialty – your superpower? Is it a certain type of property, a certain part of town, or a particular type of buyer or seller?

It is important to address your client’s concerns and show them that you can handle their problems.

It is likely that you have your brand sorted out already, but how are you cultivating it? Word of mouth really is quite powerful, but are you leaving money on the table by neglecting other marketing opportunities?

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