Motion Graphics

Blender can do it all. Its world class and it is also open source. That means we own the best multi media content creation platform available. The best minds in the world are incentivized to make this a reality because it is also their platform. Kinetic Typography Simply, words in motion. Masks Asset overlays allow […]

Video Editing

Audio & Video Editing Video is the most powerful story telling and marketing tools available today. We can help with strategy and implementation. Tools we can use to tell your story. Motion Graphics and Assets We can create a brand and strategy consistent message to help get your goal met as efficiently as possible.

Using documentaries for marketing

Using documentaries for marketing Stories are really what sells, and documentaries are stories with huge potential. People don’t want to see a marketing piece with a documentary look to it. It needs to be genuine to pull partners and prospects to a business. That’s the secret, though. The stories are going to be most effective […]

Real Estate and Property Imaging and Cinematography

Real Estate, Boats and Machines What are Realtors and land owners looking for? 1080p at 60fps with a bit rate of about 10k is standard. Full set of stills. I will give you the unedited pictures as well as any editing you want. Title styles Video Frame rate: Cinematic or high speed? Stabilized footage? Motion […]

Mega Menus lead me to Elementor

My desire to make Mega Menus has taken me on an overly long quest taking me out of Gutenburg and into Elementor as my WordPress editor. That lead me down a frustrating path I’ve been on now for going on a couple of weeks.   Why Mega Menus? I’m trying to make a rather complicated […]


Streaming and recording software.

Server Builds

Optimized for self hosting WordPress and Nextcloud. Scalable. Plug and play for teams and communities to deploy and use these incredibly powerful communications tools.


The SUPREME video editing/ content creation tool. Why Use Blender For Video Editing? It certainly isn’t the easiest or most intuitive. Quit the contrary, it definitely has a steep learning curve and it absolutely does not hold your hand. On the other hand, it is nearly limitless in potential. If video editing and content creation […]