TrueNAS based routers.


High Performance and robust network built for as much security, reliability, flexibility and ownership as possible. ~$300 budget OpenWRT or PfSense, OPNsense (FreeBSD). NetGate? Cases Form factor should be as small and efficient as possible. Ubiquiti and Intel Hardware 300W Power supply, MiniITX Motherboard , i5 processor, Ram, Network card, Sata SSD Encryption and Reverse […]

Creator Tools

These tools are as Open Source as possible. Open Source gives you the most ownership and control over your technology. Hardware Network NAS Server Builds Stream Machine Software Blender Nextcloud WordPress OBS

Using Action Cameras for Documenting.

**Placeholder for an upcoming project. There has to be a better title, but I want to put something together about using a bunch of small action cameras to capture How Tos and such. This kind of filming is the majority of what I want to produce and its also the kind of content I am […]