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There has to be a better title, but I want to put something together about using a bunch of small action cameras to capture How Tos and such.

This kind of filming is the majority of what I want to produce and its also the kind of content I am always looking for in life, so this is very relevant to me.

We can create content using these little things and a whole load out is today accessible and very high quality.

Why Action Cameras?

Small, rugged and versatile. They are relatively inexpensive.

How much money am I going to need?

I just keep rounding up and adding extra, but having a full load out is accessible. It’s a tool, and its badass, but be sure you are ready for what it takes to make the most of it. Time and effort are what running a documentary film fleet of gear really costs.

Lets scale this to the kind of equipment that is needed to film a small crew documenting a task. I’m thinking 5-7 cameras and maybe 2-3 audio captures is going to cover a lot of content that I’m either looking to create or watch. So if we just say we want 7 GoPro 11 Blacks at $400 a piece and maybe $300 a piece for mics and batteries and such, were going in at around $4,000

You need a decent computer, monitor and some storage. You probably have some of that, but lets just add another $1500 because its a good idea.

Lets say $5,500 worth of equipment today to have what we need to capture high quality content.

If you can’t buy it all at once, you can certainly start with one thing and build it.

I would imagine companies and teams would love to pay for this kind of knowledge and/ or pay to hire someone to come take care of the filming for projects and promotions.

So, how do you use bunches of these little cameras to create the best How-Tos and documentary kind of stuff?

I have a little experience in this and I aim to find out all I can and show it here.

The Osmo 3 and the wireless mics is pretty compelling.

Multi-cam and audio data management might be the bottle neck.

You don’t want to be changing out cards any more than necessary. Battery switches are annoying enough when you are trying to do something and capture it at the same time. Managing data cards is a whole other place were problems are increasingly likely, the more they are handled. The goal when documenting is to handle things as little as possible so that the work can be captured as completely as possible.

Set up from wide area to narrow in on all areas of work as it moves so as to have all the shots necessary to understand what is happening. Areas may need to go in and out of

I’m using PopOS with its PopShell desktop environment, the default file browser, Firefox and Blender on my P52 Thinkpad.

** This is a placeholder. I will be working on this project throughout this fall and regularly updated here. Our web store will carry these items.

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