The most important aspect of any business is managing data and tasks related to our clients. It doesn’t matter if you are an Army of One, a team or a team of teams such as an enterprise. There needs to be a way for people to access all the information available about clients, prospects, projects, marketing and many other things that keep the party going.

Can management be a tool? Ha! Watch what you say there, buddy…

The answer can be, “Yes”. This requires that team members wield that tool with commitment and fidelity. If they do, the power a good customer relations management system can bring to bear over time can be tremendous.

There are plenty of excellent tools available that can provide the data it takes to be masters of our data and our interactions with our clients. My preference is to always start with Open Source options.

SuiteCRM is award-winning Open Source Customer Relation Management (CRM) software.

You can install and use SuiteCRM for free on your server. This is well regarded by industry experts as top-shelf software. Installing and using it is simple. Create a subdomain, make sure you have an SSL certificate and install it. It really is that easy. In most use cases, you can be running the software within the hour.

Obviously, if you need help, Flying-Higher is here. As a content creator, website design and management provider, this tool is absolutely critical to success and so services are offered to our clients interested in using SuiteCRM.

Going forward, Flying-Higher will be focusing on the best practices and use cases for using a CRM, particularly SuiteCRM. Now that the software is installed on our server, there is plenty of work to do to get everything set up for our particular needs. I will try to document that all as I go.

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Flying-Higher can help with the whole process. We are happy to hold your hand while working with your team or take charge and get it done for you.

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