Day 9 of 42 days of bootstrapping

It’s Sunday. A bit of a lazy day. I’ve been continuing to work with RawTherapee and Gimp to color correct and blend the DNG files from the Autel Evo drone. It’s coming along fine. The process is easy and powerful enough to get the results I want to hand my clients. Bootstrapping is working I … Read moreDay 9 of 42 days of bootstrapping

Day 4 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping

Theme change. The theme I was using until this morning was excellent for most things, but not altogether readable. I was letting the aesthetics of certain aspects override the reasoning of a more readable theme. Block Lite (former theme as of an hour or so ago) is a really good theme for working with Gutenberg’s … Read moreDay 4 of 42 Days of Bootstrapping

Day 3 of 42 of Bootstrapping

I was wrong yesterday Well, first thing – I have to say that I found out why my bounce rate was so low. I had two plugins registered with Google Analytics. That caused my bounce rate to show as zero for a few days. Whoops. It happened because I was having trouble uploading a graphic … Read moreDay 3 of 42 of Bootstrapping

Creating Educational Content – Comparing Platforms

One of the most useful things a brand could do is teach. There are so many benefits. It is huge for SEO as you will be seen as an authority with a possible, if not probable, huge lead on backlinks and outreach opportunities. It’s not easy though. It takes a pretty big commitment to create … Read moreCreating Educational Content – Comparing Platforms

The Ramp to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a long game. Let’s talk about the process of building up to a successful campaign. Don’t start running ads until you have fully built up the parts that support a successful marketing campaign. Brand awareness Start by building trust through quality content. Work on consistently creating content on a regular cycle … Read moreThe Ramp to Social Media Marketing

Customer Relations Management (CRM) system is critical for success.

The most important aspect of any business is managing data and tasks related to our clients. It doesn’t matter if you are an Army of One, a team or a team of teams such as an enterprise. There needs to be a way for people to access all the information available about clients, prospects, projects, … Read moreCustomer Relations Management (CRM) system is critical for success.