Build a Better Brand Using Agent Profile Videos.

The two most powerful marketing and branding tools we have right now are social media and video. Everyone has a social media channel on probably every major platform, but how many are actually using them to any real advantage? The answer is – the leaders. It is a lot of work. No doubt about that. […]

The First Email and Social Media Campaign

Gear and Geekery I know this is boring to some people, but this is the kind of content I wish I could find more often. will regularly feature this “Gear and Geekery” content to attract other enthused professionals to the discussion. Since this is early in my business, I am focusing on establishing the […]

Introducing Services in the Cincinnati, Northern KY and Surrounding Areas – Introductory Offer.

Professional Real Estate Videography and Photography. I will be documenting the five properties whos real estate agents accept my offer. “For the first five respondents to this email, the price is only my minimum $250.00. I will include all pictures and a video for the property! ” As I stated in the email, “Videos are […]

Customer Relations Management (CRM) system is critical for success.

The most important aspect of any business is managing data and tasks related to our clients. It doesn’t matter if you are an Army of One, a team or a team of teams such as an enterprise. There needs to be a way for people to access all the information available about clients, prospects, projects, […]

Exploring and Creating an Online Equestrian Education Program

One of my long-time farrier clients has decided to go outside the norm of equestrian business models. Instead of standard horse boarding and training, her attention has shifted to exploring greater opportunities to help build better equestrians for the future and at the same time she wants to increase the sustainability of her business. This […]

Starting regular updates, re-committing to CGCookie (and more).

As a rather long time subscriber to, I feel I have completely underused this valuable resource to further my media production skills. It is pass time to fix this problem, and they are helping me with new offerings that I think will keep me in the game. I have long believed is that Blender […]